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General Semiconductor Links
The Semiconductor Subway 
    The MIT Computer Integrated Design and Manufacture (CIDM) research program supports an array of semiconductor manufacturing systems research, including CIM and TCAD, scheduling and logistics, and process control. The Stanford Manufacturing Science program provides information on its programmable and virtual factory, and manufacturing automation framework research.
Lexicon of Semiconductor Terms
    In high-technology industries, language has special meaning fir its users and becomes a convenient tool for referring to programs, processes, products or technologies that can be extremely complex. As words, abbreviations, acronyms, and phrases have been invented, combined, and combined again, similar sounds and similar spellings have come to stand for intricate concepts with distinct and...
SMDX (Semiconductor Manufacturing Data eXchange) 
SMDX (Semiconductor Manufacturing Data eXchange) Protocol is designed to allow 
the sharing of data throughout the semiconductor supply chain. Information is 
mapped into common data elements that can be routed and utilized wherever 
Our Research Collaborators
Nimble n.v

Scott Mason, Director, Razorback Electronics Manufacturing Lab

University of Wuerzburg
    Research Fields of the Chair Informatik III: The research activities of the chair focus on the performance evaluation of distributed communication systems. 
Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies
Digital Equipment Corporation.
Hewlett Packard Company.
Intel Corporation.
Lucent Technologies,Inc.
National Semiconductor Corporation.
Rockwell International.
Texas Instruments Incorporated. 
Semiconductor Manufacturing Consortia
Software Suppliers
CIM Technologies.
Tefen LTD.
PROMIS Systems. 
ASU Links
College of Engineering and Applied Science, Arizona State University
Center For Solid State Electronics Research
Industrial Engineering
Operation Research and Production Systems, IE 
Quality and Reliability Engineering Group, IE 

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