Maintained by: Aditya Rastogi ; Updated: April 7, 2002

This year's International Conference on Modeling and Analysis of Semiconductor Manufacturing (MASM) will be a forum for the exchange of ideas and best practices between researchers and practitioners from around the world involved in modeling and analysis. While we seek to know what's going on within the semiconductor industry, neither presenters nor attendees need be in the semiconductor industry to participate. We are interested in any methodologies, research, and/or applications from other industries, as well, that might also be utilized for the semiconductor industry.

The electronics industry recently surpassed the automotive industry to become the largest basic industry in the world after agriculture. At the heart of this industry is the manufacture of semiconductor devices. The semiconductor market has maintained an average annual growth rate of 15% over the last 30 years despite periodic downturns, like the industry is now experiencing. However, costs continue to escalate; current wafer fabrication facility costs approach $3.5 billion. We invite you to present on topics related to modeling and analysis that might help address the escalating costs of this industry.

The symposium includes tutorials, an evening reception and related software demonstrations. An international panel supervises each track. A broad range of papers is sought, including theoretical developments, applied research and case studies. Interested individuals within academia, government agencies, equipment suppliers, manufacturers, students, contractors, and other interested parties are encouraged to participate. The symposium will be built around the following four tracks:

Keynote Speaker-Devadas Pillai, Intel Fellow