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1. Equipment Productivity

Tae-Eog Lee,KAIST
Oliver Rose, University Würzburg
Jeffery Cochran, Arizona State University

The Equipment Productivity track will examine such questions as: How can we improve availability? How can we improve performance efficiency? How can we increase probe yields that are already high?


2. Operational Modeling and Simulation

Sarah Hood, IBM
Dominique Mercier, ST Microelectronics
Ron Billings, International SEMATECH

The Operational Modeling and Simulation track will examine such questions as: How do we run the right products at the right time? How do we design efficient factory production policies? How do we cost effectively predict the impact of a new design or change in design?


3. Statistical Methods

George Runger, Arizona State University

The Statistical Methods track will examine how statistical techniques such as Design of Experiments, Multivariate Methods, Pattern Recognition and Statistical Quality Control can play an important role supporting quality and productivity improvement. In addition, there will be case studies showing the use of up-to-date statistical techniques within the semiconductor industry.


4. Supply Chain Management

Karl Kempf, Intel
Argon Chen, National Taiwan University

The Supply Chain Management track will examine such questions as: How do we structure and organize supply, manufacturing, distribution and information? How do we manage the interactions between them? What are best practices in managing semiconductor supply chains?