Projects & Sponsors

"Factory Operations Research Center (FORCe)," Semiconductor Research Corporation, International SEMATECH
"Virtual Center Coordinator," Semiconductor Research Corporation
"Performance Analysis of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment," IPEC Planar
"Procedures for Capacity Modeling in Semiconductor Manufacturing," Motorola - Global Supply Chain Solutions
"QS9000 Quality Systems for Wafer Fabrication," Motorola
"Modeling and Analysis of Semiconductor Manufacturing," Intel
"Wafer Fab Operations: Modeling, Analysis, and Design," Semiconductor Research Corporation
"Continuation of ECE 394 Introduction to Manufacturing Engineering," Intel
"Productivity Issues in A/P/T Operations," SEMATECH
"Modeling and Simulation for Productivity Improvement of a Semiconductor Production Line," Infinion Technologies
"Modeling and Analysis of Wafer Fabrication," Motorola
"Modeling Data Standards," SEMATECH
"Continuation of ECE 394-Introduction to Manufacturing Engineering," Intel
"Modeling and Analysis of 300 mm Wafer Fabrication Operations," Tefen LTD
"Data Structures for Multivariate Statistical Process Control," National Science Foundation
"Wafer Fab Operations: Modeling, Analysis and Design," National Science Foundation & Semiconductor Research Corporation
"Capacity Modeling in Semi Conductor Manufacturing," Motorola
"Overall Equipment Effectiveness in Semi Conductor Manufacturing," Motorola
"The Role of the Industrial Engineer in Semi Conductor Manufacturing," Tefen USA
"Process Charaterization and Control," SGS Thompson
"Cost/Product Analysis for IC Packaging", Amkor Electronics, Inc.
"Cross Training Engineers/Technicians for Semiconductor Manufacturing", National Science Foundation
"Value Chain Integration in Semiconductor Manufacturing", SEMATECH
"Performance Modeling for the Design of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment", Technical Systems Integrators
"Performance Modeling for the Design of a Semiconductor Package Assembly Process", Abpac, Inc. 

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